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about BLOWDRY!

At Blowdry we create good hair days, every day. How do we do that? We focus on blowouts – no haircuts, no hair coloring, but an endless supply of good hair days. We start with a shampoo and luxurious scalp massage, followed by an expert blowout style with round brushes, and maybe a few curlers or irons thrown in for good measure. Blowdry is fast, incredibly fun, utterly addictive and reasonably priced at just $35. Make them wonder how you always look So. Darn. FABULOUS! Complete your look with our expert waxing services and a makeup application.


  • Hard day at work / hard day at home
  • Girlfiend time! Blowdry together for max fun
  • Post-coffee / pre-cocktails
  • Before a big date / after a bad date
  • Before a big work meeting (confidence, darling!)
  • At the beginning of the work week and then again for the weekend!
  • Look magnifique at that special event
  • When you just need a little “me” time to recharge
  • When you want a great hair day…every day


Blowdry! is a blowdry bar created by Jessica Reipke and Charlie Brackney, founders of boutique HAUS Salon in Minneapolis. Their clients were asking for a fast, affordable blowout that they could enjoy more frequently. A little brainstorming, followed by a sprinkle of fun, and Blowdry! Blowdry Bar was born! After impressive careers in the salon industry, Jessica and Charlie teamed up in January 2011 to open HAUS Salon to rave reviews and a few national awards, and soon after the first Blowdry! Blowdry Bar was opened in Uptown Minneapolis in June 2012. We hope you enjoy Blowdry as much as we do! Click here to find us.