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Blow Away Last Year’s Holiday Party

Where did you go for last year’s office holiday party? A restaurant? Or did you host it in your office? We have an idea that will blow away last year’s office holiday party…host it at Blowdry! If your office (or even just your department) is full of fabulous women, host your office party at Blowdry! We offer a fun environment with blowouts at a savings for groups of 3 or more between 8 am and 5 pm, Tuesday thru Friday. Yes, leave the office and have some fun team-building together. Take a moment to relax, celebrate your successful year, and show your team how much you appreciate them. (plus we have wi-fi, so you can keep tabs on any office emergencies while you’re here) Blowouts for groups of 3 or more are just $30 on weekdays thru 12/31. Schedule online at Cheers!

xoxo, Blowdry!…

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Halloween Hair + Makeup at Blowdry! Part 2!

CHINA DOLL: Looking for a costume that’s fun, feminine, and a little creepy? A china doll is all of the above. A ruffly dress and girly accessories will take the costume almost all the way there, but it’s the hair and makeup that seal the deal on this look. Think a halo of ringlets or bouffant pigtails. Then layer on the foundation, twirl on rosy cheeks and lips, and add over-the-top faux eyelashes on the upper and lower lash line. Faux lashes sound a little tricky? Stop by Blowdry! and we’ll do all the heavy lifting!

SUGAR SKULL: Though the holidays have different origins and meanings, the close proximity of Halloween and The Day of the Dead and the abundance of skull painting in both have always kept these holidays closely connected. So why not double up and celebrate both at once? Painting your face as a sugar skull is a cheery, but still spooky, alternative to the usual ghouls and ghosts. Colorful and intricate, sugar skulls allow for plenty of creativity and artistic license, so have fun with it. Feeling a little overwhelmed by the undertaking? Book a makeup application for $35 at Blowdry! and one of our amazing makeup artists will transform you into something otherworldly.

FROZEN ZOMBIE: Last weekend, Heath, one of our fantastic makeup artists, painted the faces of three of our stylists for the Twin Cities Zombie Pub Crawl. Do you recognize any of these ladies? In addition to corpsifying them with gray, black and white makeup, he frosted their eyebrows with a light dusting of icy flakes. Brrrrr. Book an appointment with Heath and let him transform you this Halloween. Just because you’re undead doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look your best!

PEACOCK: It’s not every day that you have a good excuse to layer on the blue and green eyeshadow, but Halloween isn’t anything if not an excuse to wear some extraordinary makeup. Improvise a peacock costume with feathers from a craft store and a cocktail dress. (It doesn’t even need to be blue or green! Black will be just as appropriate!) Then paint your eyes in an array of blues and greens, adding feathery faux lashes as the final touch. Feeling ambitious? Mimic the pattern of peacock feathers on your eyes with brown and gold shadow. Book an appointment at Blowdry! for Just the Eyes for $18, then add a set of lashes …

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Best of the Twin Cities

Omigosh…you guys! There is a new category in the Minnesota Monthly magazine “Best of the Twin Cities” issue…Best Blowdry Bar! And in their “Best Of” November issue MNMO recognized Blowdry as among the very best. It’s such a huge honor to be hanging out with this distinguished group of the Twin Cities’ finest. Check out the issue and then visit all of the amazing places recognized by our friends at Minnesota Monthly.

And then they had this really great party to celebrate with all of the 137 winners at Aria in Minneapolis (now that is one beautiful space for a party!). There was a wall of dangling vinyl records with the winners’ names on them, which was uber cool, along with great food and drink from winning restaurants. Did we mention the table full of award-winning donuts? Yes. Best darn donuts in Minnesota. Love Minnesota!…

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