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Halloween Hair + Makeup at Blowdry! Part 2!

CHINA DOLL: Looking for a costume that’s fun, feminine, and a little creepy? A china doll is all of the above. A ruffly dress and girly accessories will take the costume almost all the way there, but it’s the hair and makeup that seal the deal on this look. Think a halo of ringlets or bouffant pigtails. Then layer on the foundation, twirl on rosy cheeks and lips, and add over-the-top faux eyelashes on the upper and lower lash line. Faux lashes sound a little tricky? Stop by Blowdry! and we’ll do all the heavy lifting!

SUGAR SKULL: Though the holidays have different origins and meanings, the close proximity of Halloween and The Day of the Dead and the abundance of skull painting in both have always kept these holidays closely connected. So why not double up and celebrate both at once? Painting your face as a sugar skull is …

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