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Work to Party DIY Hair Ideas

Charlie Brackney, founder of Blowdry! Blowdry Bar visited Cities 97 today to talk holiday hair. Here’s some of what he covered…

You’re hosting a holiday party tonight.   You’ve been at work all day,  you’ve been e-mailing your husband to ensure his mother won’t be too offended by any of your hors d’oeuvre choices.  You’ve got the perfect dress and hottest shoes but no time to make it to the blowdry bar for a fresh blowout and the one you’re currently sporting is 2 days old.   What’s a girl to do?  Time for an at home DIY updo.

Here’s what you need:

  • A little courage and creativity (egg nog, anyone?)
  • A single pony tail holder
  • A few bobby pins that match your hair color
  • If you’re feeling fancy,  a Whirl-A-Style or old clean sock

Top Knot

A flirty, youthful option that works well with most hair textures

If you’ve got an old (and please, clean) sock laying around you could shoot for the old Sock Bun!

A Top-Knot is NOT just tossing your hair up on your head.  Unless you want to look like you’re on your way to yoga.

Classic and Timeless Low Bun

This look is elegant and timeless on a woman of any age and takes practically no time at all to do.  Notice how I sectioned the front out from the back first,  secured the bun, then wrapped the sides in separately.  To keep it looking soft and effortless allow a few natural pieces around the face to hang loose.


Braiding continues to be one of the hottest trends in hairdressing.  A simple braid can be pulled apart, roughed up or “ruched” for a modern texture and pinned anywhere on the head.  Aided by her Great Lengths hair extensions, our lovely model Keri is sporting variations on the modern braided updo.

One Pin Side Sweep for Short and Long hair

Part hair with a deep side part on the side that is most natural for you.  Set hair using a medium size curling iron, all curls flowing in the same direction, brush out and pin one side behind your ear with a bobby pin or a vintage brooch.  Voila!  (Perfect with a red lip.)

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